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About Us

When we started this venture in 2006, our original goal was to provide other families with ideas using some of our experiences. It was a simple blog format where we posted different activities that we did as a family. We ramped up operations in 2009 and rolled out a cleaner format with all the activities richly documented and neatly organized. At the same time, we provided better resources with the activity articles such as printable designs, checklists, and charts. We continue to update content and add new articles. Now in 2012 we are evolving into our next phase with plans to provide families with even better resources.

We have introduced significant new features in addition to our already great content that our visitors have come to love. One key feature we have enabled is making our content more interactive so families can share ideas and lessons learned. This is accomplished through our article comment system. As part of this, we have implemented a minimal user registration process, which will help us keep out spam and inappropriate comments.

Additionally, we have added three new sections to complement our already copious content. The first section you will notice is our blogs. We felt that by including regular experiences of real-world family members, we would help to inspire or at least entertain other families. The next new section is our tips and resources section. These consist of many smaller ideas that our staff has picked up along the way and wished to share. Finally, we have added a family service project section. This represents the fundamental idea that families do not exist merely to build themselves but to also help others in the process. 

As you can probably tell, we are very excited about these changes. However, we do not want you to think we are stopping here. We are currently working on the Family Rave project. We believe that this is one of the most exciting and ambitious projects for familes on the internet today! We believe it will refashion the way families select, prepare and implement activities together. Please visit our Family Rave beta page and let us know how you can help with this project.

Our goal is simple: We seek to encourage, inspire and facilitate awesome families. Ones that build lasting memories together.

Please contact us for any reason by completing our contact form or emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Timeless Wisdom

Your success as a family ... our success as a society depends not on what happens in the White House, but on what happens inside your house.


- Barbara Bush (former U.S. First Lady)