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Welcome to family awesomeness. You are on the verge of starting your next great adventure! Click on any of our excellent Family Activity articles listed below to start planning your family's next great memory. If you have an idea that will help other families be awesome, please let us know.

Breakfast on the Green

Breakfast on the Green

Part of the fun in these Capers is the naming of them. Doesn't this sound hoity: "Breakfast on the Green"? Breakfast on the Green is our fancy way of saying a morning picnic! It is a fun way to break from the mundane and enjoy the outdoors.

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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt has all the makings of an excellent family activity. Everyone gets to participate whether it is an individual activity or it is done with teams. There are also elements of competition and suspense. These activities can even be mixed with other Events and activities. For example, the Nature Scavenger Hunt can be done while on a family hike or the Tapehead Scavenger Hunt can be done as an icebreaker for a birthday or Christmas party. Most of all these are typically a real blast that create stories that will never be forgotten. You will find several different kinds of scavenger hunts listed in this article.

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Family Dogpile

Car Pajama Party

This is perhaps the simplest caper of all. Of course, now when we have a pj party, ALL must be in pajamas. All that is needed is to load up everyone in the car and bring along your thermos and snacks, donning your best pj’s! The idea is fun because of the novelty of going out in public in one's pajamas.

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Historical Trail

Historical Trail

This is a unique activity that many people do not know about. It is an outstanding way to learn together and get some exercise at the same time. We recently completed the Benjamin Franklin Historical Trail in center city Philadelphia. This was a brilliant time where we visited several historical sites and learned an enormous amount about America's colonial history.

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Local Town Mystery

Local Town Mystery

A mystery can capture the imagination and engage the mind. A good mystery can also spice up activities for a family if things become mundane.

It would be great if life worked like a Hardy Boys story where a whodunit just happened every once in awhile. Unfortunately, life does not happen like that and it is typically not that dramatic. This does not mean that a family cannot enjoy a good mystery. Use this activity to create a fun and exciting experience.

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Family on a Hike

Hiking as a Family

Hiking is an excellent activity for any family. It provides physical exercise in a non-threatening environment while allowing everyone to adjust the level of activity to match the family needs. When done in the great outdoors, it also provides a classroom in which to experience the wonders of creation together. These might also be referred to as day hikes. 

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Family Camping

Family Camping (aka Car Camping)

Family camping which is also known as Car Camping is a wonderful outdoor activity that any family can enjoy. Family camping usually involves staying in a tent or camper for a few days in the great outdoors. The camping can occur at a commercial campground or in a more wilderness-like setting. This article will describe in detail how to plan, prepare and enjoy a family camping experience using a tent. Camping using an RV such as camper trailer is also an option. If you are planning a trip using an RV instead of a tent, just be sure to have RV and motorhome insurance before embarking on your families camping trip. There are also some great tools to help you in this process.

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Backpacking with Children

Backpacking with Children

This is a fairly comprehensive guide to backpacking with children. It contains practical and helpful advice derived from many miles on the trail with kids. There are extra articles listed along with many printable lists and planners that can be downloaded.

Nearly 25 years since I started this adventurous activity, I love backpacking more than ever. This is mainly because it provides the best opportunity to spend excellent time with my kids. There are many aspects of this outdoor activity that make it ideal for doing with children.

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fossil-hunt1 300

Fossil Hunt

Exploring the outdoors, splashing around in water, digging in mud, and finding artifacts from ancient days. In other words, having fun while getting dirty and pretending to be Indiana Jones. What more could a family want in a caper?

This particular family activity was introduced to us by another family in our scout organization. The father is an enthusiast of geology and shared his excitement about taking his sons to a local stream and finding dinosaur bones and shark teeth. I was immediately interested. After overcoming my preconceptions about archaeology and fossils being collected by old professors in the desert, my excitement grew even more.

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Backpacking Styles

Backpacking styles can be viewed along a spectrum that stretches from the very ultralight & minimalist person to the other end where convenience & comfort is king. It is not always as simple as placing an individual into a single category but it definitely helps to think about these things to see where you mostly fit. Understanding your backpacking style will help ensure that you do not waste your money on gear that does not suit your needs.

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Backpacking Gear

Low Cost Backpacking Gear Alternatives

Getting started with backpacking can be an expensive endeavor for a family. There are some primary gear items that must be obtained. These gear items can cost a significant amount, especially when multiple items need to be purchased. If purchasing these items is out of the range of your budget then consider these alternatives to purchasing: renting, thrift stores, online auctions, borrowing from friends, or joining a Boy Scout Troop.

If this is an activity you would like to continue with your family then add your gear over an extended period of time. Consider the alternatives below until you can afford to purchase a better piece of equipment.

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backpacking19 450

Outdoor Recipes

Many of the outdoor activities have some element of food to them. While food is a necessary part of outdoor activities such as backpacking and family camping, it is also a fun and exciting activity. Some of the recipes do not require very much preparation whereas some of the outdoor recipes have some challenges.

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Garden Party

Garden Party

If you haven’t already gathered, we love to find a reason to be creative and have a Caper. What better reason than a Birthday celebration? Our eldest was to celebrate her 12th Birthday soon. Not wanting a simple party, she and I decided to host a mother-daughter party. Now I am no Gardener by any means, but I am invigorated and inspired by nature just the same. I am always gathering crafty ideas. After receiving my Better homes and Gardens I knew the theme of our party. They had an article on Fairy Gardens, how perfect! Now we had a reason to start planning! 

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Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night

Movies create a sense of community. The experience of watching a movie at the same time allows us to share with others emotions such as laughter, joy, sadness, and a sense of victory when the underdog overcomes. The memories of those experiences provide a language that gets used throughout our lives together. In our everyday conversations, how many times do we repeat lines from movies or do we recall a scene? Movies also provide excellent opportunities to talk about relevant issues and topics that we might not otherwise discuss. 

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Family Fall Festival Fun

Fall Festival

Imagine a bright fall day where it is cool enough for a sweater but not a jacket. Everyone is anxious to be outside and enjoy the smells of fall. Kids are running around laughing while crunching through piles of brown, yellow and red leaves. This is the idyllic setting for a Fall Festival which is also known as a Family Fall Harvest.

When done in its entirety, the Family Fall Harvest is a community level event. However, any of the activities listed can be done by themselves for just an individual family or with a couple families getting together.

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Christmas Party for the Ages

Do any of the following images bring a smile to your face?

Δ Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" playing in the background with the room lights dimmed and candles casting shadows while people mingle about wishing each other holiday cheer.
Couples being caught in the doorway under the mistletoe.
Dads dancing with their daughters to the tune "Rocking around the Christmas Tree".
Families gathered around a piano singing carols.

If any of these thoughts give you a warm feeling, then you definitely want to do this event with your family and friends.

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Pizza Night

Pizza Night

Pizza night can become a long-standing family tradition that kids will cherish forever. Throw in a movie and it quickly becomes the most highly anticipated night of the week. For the parents it becomes a cost effective source for family entertainment. While this is called Pizza Night, it is mainly about selecting a night to get together as a family and have a fun meal.

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Sunday Family Dinner

Sunday Dinner Extravaganza

Sunday dinners provide an excellent opportunity to create large-scale meal productions and practice hospitality. Everyone gets a piece of the action and learns to work as a team. After the masterpiece is revealed on the dining room table, everyone is quick to identify which pieces they helped create.

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Cooking Show

Homemade Cooking Show

This family activity is about creating your own show in the kitchen. We stumbled into this activity by watching too many cooking shows on PBS then wanting to repeat the experiences we saw on our television. If you are a fan of cooking shows from any network, I am sure you have experienced the same desire to dash into the kitchen and relive a cooking show.

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Father & Son working on project together

Marshmallow Shooter

Marshmallow shooters or guns are a great little project for you and your children. Marshmallow guns require very little money, skill and effort to make. They are the best fun toy guns you can make yourself for just a couple bucks. Since they work a lot like Legos®, they are constant fun when they can remake and add-on to these toys. They are great for all ages and safe. This article includes a PDF of the schematic to build your own marshmallow gun. This article also includes an excellent section on how science can be taught through this project.

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Lemonade Stand Business Plan and Design

This is an excellent guide for anyone wanting to start a lemonade stand business. It contains a detailed step-by-step business plan for planning, starting and running a lemonade stand business. The best part is that you can download and print a PDF of the design to build your own lemonade stand table with overhead banner.

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rocket launch

Launching Model Rockets

3 . . .  2 . . .  1 . . .  LAUNCH! Imagine the excitement your family will experience as it builds, prepares, then launches their very own high-flying rocket. This exciting family activity combines learning, fun, and teamwork in a most excellent family experience.

Launching rockets involves a significant amount of effort and a certain amount of risk. But do not be discouraged as the excitement that a family experiences during a launch is well worth it.

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