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Breakfast on the Green

Breakfast on the Green

Part of the fun in these Capers is the naming of them. Doesn't this sound hoity: "Breakfast on the Green"? Breakfast on the Green is our fancy way of saying a morning picnic! It is a fun way to break from the mundane and enjoy the outdoors.

The whole family is involved in this process from planning to participation. We work together to come up with a menu. We vote on the location. The night before, we get the bags or picnic basket out for packing the supplies needed. Then we start making lists such as recreational items, kitchen supplies, and all the food items we will need to bring.


Where to Go 

The point of this is to have a meal in an unusual place like a in the middle of a big field at a park or historic site. You can even choose a crazy place like the lawn in front of you local municipal building. Let the whole family vote to decide and do not discourage anybody for odd ideas. Feel free to combine the location selection with a holiday or obscure date remembrance.


Breakfast on the GreenWhat to Pack 

What? You thought simple sandwiches? No way! Why let all your camp kitchen gear sit in wait for the next camping trip? We pack up our camp stove and set up a kitchen in a field! We have pancakes, omelets, sausage, fresh fruit, cheese, juice and milk. We cook a meal fit for a king. While the point is to make the most of your Caper, if you don’t have the camp stove, then by all means breakfast sandwiches or even donuts will work. Add some fruit and milk and you have a healthy meal. Not a morning person? Make it a "Dinner in the Dark". Just don’t forget the lanterns. The point of this family adventure is to enjoy a meal and some time together outside.

See the packing list below.


Clean Up 

After enjoying our leisure feast, it is time for clean up. We have attempted to instill a clean-as-you-go habit. But, inevitably there are still messes to be tidied. Be sure to leave the area better than you found it. Do a quick wipe down of the cooking utensils and they can be thoroughly washed at home. Once all is tidied up, it is time to play!


Play Time 

Do not forget to pack your outdoor play gear. We keep ours in the back of our family van in a duffle bag. Pull out the softball and enjoy a bit of catch. Perhaps you'd prefer to play frisbee or a game of football. Our Breakfast on the Green usually ends with a nice hike around the area or on a nearby trail.


Packing List 

Take care to make a list(s) of the things you'll need to make it a fun event. Some suggested lists you might want to prepare:

  •          Food (not forgetting condiments)
  •          Cooking supplies & utensils (cooking spray, foil and fuel!)
  •          KP items (moist towelettes for quick clean-up)
  •          Paper products (not forgetting a trash bag to pack out your trash)
  •          Recreational items (outdoor play gear)
  •          Picnic blanket
  •          Camera (check the batteries before you leave)
  •          Sunscreen & hats
  •          Bug repellant


Breakfast on the Green  

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