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Car Pajama Party

Family DogpileThis is perhaps the simplest caper of all. Of course, now when we have a pj party, ALL must be in pajamas. All that is needed is to load up everyone in the car and bring along your thermos and snacks, donning your best pj’s! The idea is fun because of the novelty of going out in public in one's pajamas.


This caper was born from the need to run an errand one evening. Everyone was already in their pajamas and we needed to go to the store. So we told the kids we were having a pajama party. There was no need to get dressed. Everyone (except Dad since he had to go into the store) loaded into the car in their pj’s and off we went. That was our first pajama party that has since become a favorite tradition for the family.


While there is really no preparation needed, to make it a truly worthy caper you should prepare a few things. (very few)

  •          Thermos of hot cocoa
  •          Travel mugs or hot cups
  •          Snacks
  •          Gas in car
  •          Audio book or music (kid friendly, of course)
  •          Last but not least, everyone in your pajamas (yes, even you mom and dad should be in your pj’s!)

Car Pajama PartyDestinations

You really do not need a specific destination. This can just be an evening drive. If you do want to make it something more than an evening drive, here are some suggestions.

Go through a fast food drive through and get everyone a soda or shake.

Visit a field somewhere out in the country and check out the stars.

Drive up to a lake and watch the moon reflect on the surface.

Around Christmas explore all the town neighborhoods with the best house decorations. Carry a marker and a plain pad of paper to have each family member score the homes on a scale of 1 to 10 and hold their number up like an olympic judge.

Drive to a parking lot somewhere and set up a laptop on the front dash to play a movie. This then becomes a drive-in movie experience. Pack some popcorn to make it a true movie experience.

Pajama Party


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