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Outdoor Activities

Wanna real caper? Get Outside!


Super Mom

There are so many adventures just waiting outdoors to be had. Learn from our experience about how to ensure a fun time is had by all. Here are some outdoor activities that we have enjoyed through the years. Spending time with kids in the outdoors is excellent for building long-term relationships while making indelible memories.



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Fossil Hunt

Exploring the outdoors, splashing around in water, digging in mud, and finding artifacts from ancient days. In other words, having fun while getting dirty and pretending to be Indiana Jones. What more could a family want in a caper?

This particular family activity was introduced to us by another family in our scout organization. The father is an enthusiast of geology and shared his excitement about taking his sons to a local stream and finding dinosaur bones and shark teeth. I was immediately interested. After overcoming my preconceptions about archaeology and fossils being collected by old professors in the desert, my excitement grew even more.

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Backpacking with Children

Backpacking with Children

This is a fairly comprehensive guide to backpacking with children. It contains practical and helpful advice derived from many miles on the trail with kids. There are extra articles listed along with many printable lists and planners that can be downloaded.

Nearly 25 years since I started this adventurous activity, I love backpacking more than ever. This is mainly because it provides the best opportunity to spend excellent time with my kids. There are many aspects of this outdoor activity that make it ideal for doing with children.

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Family Camping

Family Camping (aka Car Camping)

Family camping which is also known as Car Camping is a wonderful outdoor activity that any family can enjoy. Family camping usually involves staying in a tent or camper for a few days in the great outdoors. The camping can occur at a commercial campground or in a more wilderness-like setting. This article will describe in detail how to plan, prepare and enjoy a family camping experience using a tent. Camping using an RV such as camper trailer is also an option. If you are planning a trip using an RV instead of a tent, just be sure to have RV and motorhome insurance before embarking on your families camping trip. There are also some great tools to help you in this process.

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Family on a Hike

Hiking as a Family

Hiking is an excellent activity for any family. It provides physical exercise in a non-threatening environment while allowing everyone to adjust the level of activity to match the family needs. When done in the great outdoors, it also provides a classroom in which to experience the wonders of creation together. These might also be referred to as day hikes. 

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Outdoor Recipes

Many of the outdoor activities have some element of food to them. While food is a necessary part of outdoor activities such as backpacking and family camping, it is also a fun and exciting activity. Some of the recipes do not require very much preparation whereas some of the outdoor recipes have some challenges.

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