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Outdoor Recipes

Many of the outdoor activities have some element of food to them. While food is a necessary part of outdoor activities such as backpacking and family camping, it is also a fun and exciting activity. Some of the recipes do not require very much preparation whereas some of the outdoor recipes have some challenges.

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Backpacking Gear

Low Cost Backpacking Gear Alternatives

Getting started with backpacking can be an expensive endeavor for a family. There are some primary gear items that must be obtained. These gear items can cost a significant amount, especially when multiple items need to be purchased. If purchasing these items is out of the range of your budget then consider these alternatives to purchasing: renting, thrift stores, online auctions, borrowing from friends, or joining a Boy Scout Troop.

If this is an activity you would like to continue with your family then add your gear over an extended period of time. Consider the alternatives below until you can afford to purchase a better piece of equipment.

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Backpacking Styles

Backpacking styles can be viewed along a spectrum that stretches from the very ultralight & minimalist person to the other end where convenience & comfort is king. It is not always as simple as placing an individual into a single category but it definitely helps to think about these things to see where you mostly fit. Understanding your backpacking style will help ensure that you do not waste your money on gear that does not suit your needs.

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