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Building a Project

Project Activities

Build something awesome today! You're building memories at the same time.


Super Mom

Remember the thrill of putting your first model together? The pride you felt when it was finally completed? Why not relive or share that feeling with your child? This section offers that opportunity through projects that you and your child can work on together. All the information you need to complete your project is included, along with some comprehensive plans and instructions that you print or download.

rocket launch

Launching Model Rockets

3 . . .  2 . . .  1 . . .  LAUNCH! Imagine the excitement your family will experience as it builds, prepares, then launches their very own high-flying rocket. This exciting family activity combines learning, fun, and teamwork in a most excellent family experience.

Launching rockets involves a significant amount of effort and a certain amount of risk. But do not be discouraged as the excitement that a family experiences during a launch is well worth it.

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Lemonade Stand Business Plan and Design

This is an excellent guide for anyone wanting to start a lemonade stand business. It contains a detailed step-by-step business plan for planning, starting and running a lemonade stand business. The best part is that you can download and print a PDF of the design to build your own lemonade stand table with overhead banner.

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Father & Son working on project together

Marshmallow Shooter

Marshmallow shooters or guns are a great little project for you and your children. Marshmallow guns require very little money, skill and effort to make. They are the best fun toy guns you can make yourself for just a couple bucks. Since they work a lot like Legos®, they are constant fun when they can remake and add-on to these toys. They are great for all ages and safe. This article includes a PDF of the schematic to build your own marshmallow gun. This article also includes an excellent section on how science can be taught through this project.

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