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Family Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Capers

The kitchen is one place where creativity, teamwork and learning come together naturally.


Baby Chef

The kitchen is a favorite place for a family to be together. What is more fun than creating something you get to enjoy right away? All while making a mess that mom won't yell about. The kitchen also provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to work together on different parts of a single undertaking and see it all come together in the end.



Cooking Show

Homemade Cooking Show

This family activity is about creating your own show in the kitchen. We stumbled into this activity by watching too many cooking shows on PBS then wanting to repeat the experiences we saw on our television. If you are a fan of cooking shows from any network, I am sure you have experienced the same desire to dash into the kitchen and relive a cooking show.

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Sunday Family Dinner

Sunday Dinner Extravaganza

Sunday dinners provide an excellent opportunity to create large-scale meal productions and practice hospitality. Everyone gets a piece of the action and learns to work as a team. After the masterpiece is revealed on the dining room table, everyone is quick to identify which pieces they helped create.

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Pizza Night

Pizza Night

Pizza night can become a long-standing family tradition that kids will cherish forever. Throw in a movie and it quickly becomes the most highly anticipated night of the week. For the parents it becomes a cost effective source for family entertainment. While this is called Pizza Night, it is mainly about selecting a night to get together as a family and have a fun meal.

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Timeless Wisdom

Your success as a family ... our success as a society depends not on what happens in the White House, but on what happens inside your house.


- Barbara Bush (former U.S. First Lady)