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Homemade Cooking Show

Cooking Show

This family activity is about creating your own show in the kitchen. We stumbled into this activity by watching too many cooking shows on PBS then wanting to repeat the experiences we saw on our television. If you are a fan of cooking shows from any network, I am sure you have experienced the same desire to dash into the kitchen and relive a cooking show.

In its simplest form, this activity is just a reason to get everyone into the kitchen working together and experimenting with different food items. Moms might say that it is rather just an excuse to make an uninhibited mess in the kitchen. No matter what the underlying motivation is, it is just plain fun for everyone.


Cooking ShowSetting the Stage

This activity has no age limit and is only constrained by the size of your kitchen. There is much to do when preparing for your own cooking show, so be sure to get everyone involved in setting the stage. Here are some suggested steps to get everything ready.

First have everyone pull up their kitchen chairs and sit down at the kitchen table and decide what selection(s) you would like to cook.. Hopefully, it will be something you just saw on a cooking show. If not, you will need to write down your selection and a recipe you can use to make it.

Next, gather your props: ingredients, cooking pans, pots, bowls, utensils, etc. Place these strategically about the counter for easy access.

If you have a video camera and tripod, get them ready also. The video camera is not necessary but adds an element of fun to the activity. Everyone loves to watch themselves later on the television and laugh at the antics.

Then arrange your kitchen like a studio. It is best to start with a clean kitchen. Position work stations so a camera person can capture the motions.

Once everything is prepared, you are ready to start the show.


Cooking ShowActing It Out

The activity of cooking in the kitchen has enough jobs for each family member to participate. Whether it is working the camera or dumping ingredients into a mixing bowl, make sure that everyone gets a part from the littlest to the oldest. The little ones will be clamoring to help in any way they can.

If you have a video camera, let each person take a turn at describing what is happening into the camera. Even if you do not have a video camera, allowing everyone to talk into a pretend camera makes it fun. Take your time in preparing the ingredients and adding them together.

Take a break while the creation finishes cooking then have everyone gather back in the kitchen to taste it. This is the part where everyone can speak into the camera as a food critic stating what they think of the creation. It is ok if it flops and turns out disgusting as these are often memories that will create laughs for many generations.


Helpful Hints


Do in conjunction with Ratatouille Movie Night.


Use a theme such as Italian and crank up the music to match like some Louis Prima.


As mentioned, start with a clean kitchen. Also, clean as you go which will save an enormous amount of time when everything is done.


Involve mom early so she doesn't get too upset about creating the messes or using her ingredients for something that is just experimental.


Be careful around appliances, knives, etc. A kitchen is typically tight quarters and adding so many people into a tight space increases the risk of someone getting hurt.


Young children need to be supervised carefully, especially around hot surfaces.


Keep it fun always! Accidents will happen just like life happens. Remember that there is no sense in crying over spilled milk.

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