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Scent of a Woman

Date Night Intimate Smell


In my mind, there is something very sensual (no pun intended) about  having a signature scent. It has taken me awhile but I had finally selected mine.

My scent has been Ralph Lauren's Lauren Style. It is soft and has no hidden offense, as some perfumes do. It's just pretty. I loved it so much that when I purchased it I would usually get 2 bottles at a time. When I ran out of it I was of course eager to get a replacement bottle or 2.

It had been awhile since I had purchased the last bottles, so I was unaware of what was to come. 

It had been discontinued! Even more surprising was the price the remaining bottles were demanding.

I was dreading the search for a new scent. I get major headaches from most fragrances. Being relieved to have found Style, I never tested others.

After mentioning it in passing to my husband, he responded by turning our following date night into a new fragrance search. What a guy!

Have you been recently? I swear, everyone who is anyone has a perfume. Even some who aren't have one. The perfume industry is huge and very overwhelming. I was dizzy before even smelling the first tester.  

My husband would find one he was "sure" of and hand it to me. To which I more often than not replied, "Um, I hope you're not serious."  He seemed to gravitate toward the scents that held a base note with a hidden arsenal (hello Migraine).  I would quickly grab the coffee beans. Love those coffee beans!

We made two stacks: Maybe, Definately Not. This continued for close to 2 hours! We accumulated quite a stack of strips. While the girl at the counter was patient, she didn't have much of a sense of humor. She found none of our expert comments insiteful or funny. I suppose we could have been more cautious of our comments.  Where's the fun in that...

Struggling to find one we both agreed on, I asked for a spritz of one at the end of our last untested shelf. It was nice. A bit stronger than Style but very nice. I handed the strip to my husband. After all it was him that I was aiming to entice. He took the strip and waved passed his nose, waited and then did it once more. Then he said, "that's the one."

Finally! We had a winner.

Needless to say my new signature scent is well stocked in my cosmetic drawer. Good thing too, I just searched it on Amazon and the price has gone up! Hope that doesn't mean it is going to be discontinued anytime soon. 


Do you have a signature scent?

FYI- Buyers TIp: Buy your fragrances in Feb/Mar they are typically 30%-50% off during this time of year.

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