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Welcome to my little blog

I may be little but I have big fun!

My name is Ally and I am the youngest child in a family of eight. I can't say that it is all that bad. As a matter of fact, most of the time it is very awesome! I get in trouble occasionally for my attitude but I usually make it all better because I am so cute! (at least that is what my bros tell me) My dad always says that seeing life through my eyes is pretty cool, so he asked me to share some of my adventures with you. Sometimes they are ordinary but sometimes they are a lot of fun.


spring has its ups and downs

Winter is still here , and yet summer is here too. That is probobly the one thing I don't like about spring(minus the fact that the bugs come out ,and I swell really bad when I get bit). But I like all of the gardening that we do. Last year we had swis chard,butter lettuce,and some small flowers in our garden.  So now you my ups and downs about spring. 

A helping hand

Today I helped with cleaning up the trailers where my brothers volunteer at a local search and rescue group. So I basically cleaned all surfaces and floors. And helped with a little bit of lifting. It's suprising to see how much work can get done with in about 7 and a half hours. That may sound like a lot of time,but with all the work to do there it's pothetic. We don't have a lot of work left to do. Today is probobly the only day of work for me. Well we got a lot work done in a slightly short amount of time,so therefore I shall come to a close. 


Winter needs to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so ready for spring.

I can't say that i hate march , it is taunting me .

Spring comes so close , and then winter comes back again.

I don't hate march , i just hate the end of winter. 

I like the middle of spring, because it has all the blooms.

What some people call the begining of spring , is actually the 

end of winter.I need to see those blooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My first library card!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so loving the library card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that as soon as you get your library card you read more. I have had it for only about

one month and i have gone to the library almost uncountable times.

I espetioly like mouse books,but mostly animal books. I also like Beverly Cleary books.

I borroed a movie once,but i returned it late.So i will refrane myself from boroing movies

for now. 


Bull dog cheeks

So I was tiping a blog post the other day and I was messing 

with my cheek and my mother said ,Stop that or you'll end up

with bull dog cheeks when you grow up! And then I said that like

a good blog post so here we are. 

Napoleon (my new hamster)

So if you have read the post about my hamster Casie's death.

You will be interested in this post,at 9/9/12 I got a new (girl hamster.)

   Her name is Napoleon ( yes it is a girl ),or Napy for short .

the people at the pet store said that she was about 10to12 weeks

old (so that means that she just became an adult because they live

2to3 yeers) she is about 2 inches, and as CUTE AS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have mixed feelings about summer's end.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about summer's end.

  Like when school comes back I have to get accustomed to the daily

grind , it is harder than you think .  I am going to do art class this summer (I am

quite the artist though my bro brett is better) so that will be a little difficult to remember to

be ready and stuff like that so I hope that you adults understand now that summer's end is hard to take.


Baking is a hobby

Baking is a big hobby for me and the rest of the family,

like I bake brownies mixes and pretty much any mix.  Not to brag or anything but I

think I make the best brownies in the house.  And everybody loves them.

So one morning I made (with dad )  bluebarry-muffins for breakfast .

(So in a nut shell the hole family loves baking)   

My grandfather's b-day

This is about my grandfather's sixty-something birth day,the date was 8/26/12.

So my granny and grandad came at about noon.  We made dinner (meatball hoagies and salad)

and for desert we had (store-bot) cupcakes.the flavors we had we ME:peanut-butter cup  GRANNY:red velvet

GRANDPA:chocolate truffle BRAEDEN:peanut-butter cup BRYCE:peanut-butter cup BRETT:mum-mum

DAD: cappuccino MOM:mum-mum.

By the way,a mum-mum is a vannila cupcake with cream-cheese frosting and white chocolate shavings.


It is hard to understand adults.

It is hard to understand adults,like on one morning they were talking

(oviasly) in english,i heerd what they were saying but I didn't understand it.

And they are always laughing at what you say,(I guess it's because they think it is cute ?)

Is'nt it weerd?   


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Timeless Wisdom

Your success as a family ... our success as a society depends not on what happens in the White House, but on what happens inside your house.


- Barbara Bush (former U.S. First Lady)