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Comic In Progress


Me and my bro bryce plan to make and publish our own comic. Be prepared for some intense art and story boards. 

The Epic Battle of The Bots

After doing the Captain America movie I was inspired to do something with better animation and a Chuck Norris level fighting sequence. So I went into my brothers' room and starting looking for better action figures. I looked for action figures that would be able to bend and pose into crazy positions and look awesome, so they would have to be relatively big for better shots with the camera. I found a box on their shelf that had a bunch of Bioncles in it. We had'nt played with those in ages, so they hardly noticed when I walked with a bucket full of Bioncle pieces. I put the pieces together with the help of my brother Braeden and made two Bioncle figures. 

Almost instantly Ideas of what they could do in a movie started popping in my mind. I remembered watching those old (CGI) animated movies that had Bionicles in them. Sure enough when I strating taking photos (like all the other movies I've made) I made it up as I went along and came out with an amazing result.

Ladies and gentlemen i give to you:

"The Battle of the Bots"

[click the title to see the movie]

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Captain America Film

In- case you were'nt having fun already I put together another video, this time I decided to animate it with action figures! Its an exciting short filled with cool action scenes, a great soundtrack and not to mention a great director (hehehe). Without Further adieu allow me to introduce

Captain America: and the tesseract

[click the title to see the movie.]


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THE HULK smashed my etch and sketch

If you guys know what an etch and sketch is then you might be interested in this.:


The Last of the Mohicans

I have seen the movie and I have read the book. Both have thoroughly amazed me. I seriously recommend the book to all ages, but I advise caution for the movie due to intense action sequences and a rather graphic scene.

For you book lovers you should check out my brother's blog The Wanderings of Bryce. He does reviews of books.

Intense Superman Mosaic

An intense Lego Mosaic

I found this on the news. Definately inspirational to a superman fan like Me. Not to mention, Super cool!


Son of Krypton: Lego movie

I've always Marveled at stop motion movies. As a young kid I would watch the original "Wallace and Gromit" Movies. And after watching I would ask myself every time How'd they do that. Of coarse later I found out that all it took to make those little figures move was clay a camera and some serious patience.

[click the title to see the movie.]

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The Avengers

For you poor unfortunate souls who didnt get a chance to see the Avengers in theaters...

IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Man of steel

If any of you know about the new Superman movie thats coming out (Man of steel) by Zach Snider. you should check it out. the new costume looks pretty good and inspired me to inspire you. :)

The Epic collision of Superman vs. Luthur: Lego video

When Lego came out with the DC Superheroes I was beyond over-joyed. So much so that I bought the set with my absolute favorite superhero (the Superman vs. Luthur set).

[click the title to see the movie.]

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Super Drawings

For my first awesome post I will show off some sketches of mine! These are'nt just any drawings they're SUPER DRAWINGS!

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