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Get Your Family Activity On

This is the place where families find activity awesomeness. A place to get ideas and inspiration for excellent things to do together. Take a look at the detailed articles for these amazing activities or read one of our blogs for ideas and inspiration.

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Think about all the things your family did this past week. Will you remember any of them 20 years from now? Well then, what are you waiting for? Start planning something memorable today!


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Essential Date Night

Date Night Adventures

Parents, keep your family healthy by having regular date nights. It is hard to grow as a family if you are not spending regular time together. Read more


Our Top Articles

Christmas Party for the Ages

Do any of the following images bring a smile to your face?

Δ Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" playing in the background with the room lights dimmed and candles casting shadows while people mingle about wishing each other holiday cheer.
Couples being caught in the doorway under the mistletoe.
Dads dancing with their daughters to the tune "Rocking around the Christmas Tree".
Families gathered around a piano singing carols.

If any of these thoughts give you a warm feeling, then you definitely want to do this event with your family and friends.


Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt has all the makings of an excellent family activity. Everyone gets to participate whether it is an individual activity or it is done with teams. There are also elements of competition and suspense. These activities can even be mixed with other Events and activities. For example, the Nature Scavenger Hunt can be done while on a family hike or the Tapehead Scavenger Hunt can be done as an icebreaker for a birthday or Christmas party. Most of all these are typically a real blast that create stories that will never be forgotten. You will find several different kinds of scavenger hunts listed in this article.


Backpacking with Children

Backpacking with Children

This is a fairly comprehensive guide to backpacking with children. It contains practical and helpful advice derived from many miles on the trail with kids. There are extra articles listed along with many printable lists and planners that can be downloaded.

Nearly 25 years since I started this adventurous activity, I love backpacking more than ever. This is mainly because it provides the best opportunity to spend excellent time with my kids. There are many aspects of this outdoor activity that make it ideal for doing with children.



Lemonade Stand Business Plan and Design

This is an excellent guide for anyone wanting to start a lemonade stand business. It contains a detailed step-by-step business plan for planning, starting and running a lemonade stand business. The best part is that you can download and print a PDF of the design to build your own lemonade stand table with overhead banner.


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