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Family Resources & Tips

Tips & Resources

Here is a fantastic list of short articles that contain tremendous tips and resources for families. Please let us know if you have anything you would like to contribute.

I know... we were feeling very superlative when we wrote this!




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Resources: Family Service Project Ideas

This is a brief listing of several excellent resources that will give you ideas for Family Service Projects. For a more detailed article about Volunteering as a Family and several detailed articles about how to conduct various Family Service Projects, please see the Family Capers Service Projects section.


Read more: Resources: Family Service Project Ideas

Family Movies

Resources: Find Great Family Movies

No matter what the age of your children, you do not want to be caught off-guard while watching a family movie.  Every family has its own value system that each parent tries to instill into their children.  No parent likes to have their value system violated, especially by a movie that they initiate.

Read more: Resources: Find Great Family Movies

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Resources: Family First Aid Skills

Bumps, bruises and scrapes are part of every day family life. Parents usually have a rudimentary understanding of how to deal with most minor injuries. However, when it comes to the health and safety of one's family, I cannot imagine that any parent would say "no" to being better prepared.

Read more: Resources: Family First Aid Skills

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Resources: Family Meal Ideas

Obviously, the kitchen is very near and dear to our hearts here at Family Capers. Visit our kitchen capers activity section for fun ideas. Meals are the most natural extension of family activities. It is the one place that a family can make into a daily recurrance for time together. Also, cooking and eating are some of the purest forms of social interaction.

Here is a list of places you can go to find great information on fantastic family feasts!

Read more: Resources: Family Meal Ideas

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Tip: The Art of Fun

The goal of most of the activities listed throughout FamilyCapers.com is to create lasting memories, whether they are simply ones of joy or teachable moments we hope will be carried a lifetime. This is difficult to accomplish when misery accompanies the activity. The best way to avoid the misery trap is to bring on the fun!

Read more: Tip: The Art of Fun

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Tip: Children & Chores

If you have a child who always keeps their room tidy and gladly folds the laundry without being asked, then this article is not for you. A majority of families struggle with children not being diligent with their chores. This comes down to some of our most basic human tendencies. There is no definitive cure for motivating children to do their chores diligently. So if you are looking for one skip this tip. If you are looking for some encouragement and helpful ideas then read on.

Read more: Tip: Children & Chores

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Resources: Family Emergency Preparedness

Whenever I read about a natural disaster, my mind will play through various scenarios of how my family would deal with it. The last time I actually went so far as to do some research to see my family's level of preparedness.

I have included some of the best resources that I found. There is also a Family Capers list of tips to make this a family-centric activity.

Read more: Resources: Family Emergency Preparedness

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Tip: Comparing Is Not Fair

We all do it. We look at someone else and compare our qualities against the other person's. We also do this as a family. I know that I am very guilty of this at times.

This is a very short tip in the form of an encouragement. Comparing one individual or family against another is not fair. Each person and family has their own personality and qualities. 

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Tip: Value in Completion

We have one child who quickly moved from one interest to another. Typically, when a new interest had taken root the old one was completely discarded without ever going back to finish it or adapt it. I do not think that having a wide variety of experiences and interests is a bad thing for any child. I believe the child will be more well-rounded in these instances. The issue here is in the fact that he had not completed or mastered any single interest he had started up to that point in his life.

Read more: Tip: Value in Completion

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