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Resources: Family Emergency Preparedness

family-covers1 500Whenever I read about a natural disaster, my mind will play through various scenarios of how my family would deal with it. The last time I actually went so far as to do some research to see my family's level of preparedness.

I have included some of the best resources that I found. There is also a Family Capers list of tips to make this a family-centric activity.


Tips to make this a family activity


Tip #1 : Call a family meeting

The name "Emergency Preparedness" actually covers the most basic thing to do: PREPARE. Schedule a family meeting to discuss and document what your plan would be for disasters common to your area.

Tip #2 : Don't forget to pack the entertainment

I am constantly amazed at how much of our family entertainment has become based on electronic devices and the internet. Be sure that you have an ample supply of board and card games to play if you were without electricity, cable or internet for days.

Tip #3 : Get everyone involved

Make a large project for your family to build its emergency kit. Plan the list and assign parts to various family members to gather materials. This may take more than a week to complete.

Tip #4 : Spread the word

Have an E-Prep Party. Invite all of your friends and relatives to a party with the theme of being prepared for emergencies. Have each family that is invited specialize in a disaster and bring specific supplies and information about it. Create games and food based on these disasters.


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Timeless Wisdom

Your success as a family ... our success as a society depends not on what happens in the White House, but on what happens inside your house.


- Barbara Bush (former U.S. First Lady)