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Resources: Family First Aid Skills

first-aid1 400Bumps, bruises and scrapes are part of every day family life. Parents usually have a rudimentary understanding of how to deal with most minor injuries. However, when it comes to the health and safety of one's family, I cannot imagine that any parent would say "no" to being better prepared.

First aid are basic skills you need to treat minor injuries or sustain someone who has more serious wounds until professional medical attention arrives.

Here are some websites that are great resources regarding first aid.

Here are some basic tips that can help every family.


Place all important phone numbers on a sheet by the phone and on your refrigerator. With 9-1-1 prevalent, you probably do not need to list the separate numbers for hospital, police and fire. However, you need to list your primary doctor, all family members cell phones, and an emergency contact person name and phone.


Register every two years and take a full First Aid and CPR class. This is invaluable to you and the ones you love.


Make a family first aid kit specialized to the needs of family members. Create a schedule to refresh it regularly.


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